The value of the Big Idea

The year is 1990, at Ketchum Advertising in Philadelphia. Buzz Miller and Steve DiMeo sat down in a room with a bag of pistachios, a six-pack of tepid beer, and a few days to come up with a new ad campaign for Pizza Hut. Then DuPont. Then Melitta. And so on.

Since then, we’ve teamed up on accounts such as Prime Outlets, Crestor, EpiPen, Mylan, plus dozens of pitches, campaigns, and concepts. We each bring our own unique talent to the table, yet work effortlessly together to create strategic Big Ideas, and bring those ideas to life. We study the brief. We bounce things off each other. We tack things to the wall. Then, we present like a well-oiled machine.

We value our team dynamic and the successes we’ve had. But more than this, we value the Big Ideas that come out of our partnership, with an understanding that nothing can move forward without it. It’s our specialty and our reason for doing what we do.

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